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It starts the moment you wake up. 

You're disciplined. Regimented. You've worked hard to achieve the success you have. You put in the time, the sweat, the sacrifice. All the ingredients "they" said you needed to succeed. 

You take care of your mind and body. Go to the gym. Eat clean. You try to manage your stress. Bottom line: You make healthy choices, You're trying to create and live the best possible life.

You've read every productivity book on the shelf, "brain-hacking" your way from progress to perfection. 

"4-Hour Workweek" "Tools of the Titans" "Start with Why"

With each book, you learned something new, something valuable, and it worked! Until they didn't. They helped you to solve some problems but not THE problem.  

That nagging feeling that something is still missing. Something is still just slightly off. 

You ask yourself, "if everything I'm doing is 'right,' why do I still feel 'wrong'?" 

Why do you wake up feeling disconnected and strangely incomplete? 

I call this the "ICK Factor" = Inner Conflict of Knowing

It slowly creeps into your life. Drains your sense of achievement and success. Leads you to question and doubt what you've created. It makes you wonder if you've made the right choices. If you're truly living the best possible life. If you'll ever really find happiness, purpose and fulfillment. 

You can find happiness, purpose, and fulfillment ... but the answers aren't out there.

Through the bTrue™ Values Assessment & Debrief you will ...

Create a Stronger Sense of Self

Learn How to Tap Into Your Personal Source of Power

Clarify Your Vision of Life & What it Means to Live with Purpose


Raised my consciousness.

"I was able to spring upwards to new heights and realized those deep-set habits, emotions and beliefs embedded within me were covering up my truth. The bTrue™ Values Assessment and Debrief really helped me to peel back all the layers."


Curate Joy & Satisfaction

Discover and cultivate what truly makes you happy. Empower yourself to take action by becoming aware of and aligning with your values.

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Conflict, internal or external, is caused by a challenge to your values.

You can't find happiness, purpose, or fulfillment in a book. 

You can't find it in a course. 

You can't find it in a box with a fox eating lox. 

You can only find it within. I know. It may sound like a new-age cliché, but the truth of the matter is this: 

Your values influence your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Consequently, it's only through an examination of your core values that you can ascertain and achieve your own definition of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

Your values are important. They are the guiding principles you follow in every moment of your existence. 

Your values drive every decision you make. They help you to learn, discern, and grow. When you are in full alignment with your values, boundaries form naturally and effortlessly.  

Your values allow you to step into the authority of YOU!  

What kind of life could you unleash if you were able to break beyond the limitations of fear and doubt confidently? 

Your values are a mix of inherited family principles and experiential virtues you adapt through personal experiences.  

Some values are consciously chosen, but most are learned subconsciously.  

Most of us walk around this earth following values we were taught as children and those we learned through experiences, with our most painful experiences leading the charge. 

This is how we've learned to survive in the world.

Family and friends teach us how things "ought" to be and how we "should" behave. 

You remember not to "touch the stove" because you've been burned before.

If every decision you make is a reflection of your values, identifying the values that are truly important to you, understanding why they matter to you, and letting go of those that no longer serve you, can radically change your life for the better!  

When you experience chronic dissatisfaction, you can bet it's the result of your intrinsic values being questioned, challenged, or neglected. 

Whether it's relationships at home, overwhelm at work, or a constant feeling within that something just isn't right — your expectations in life are a direct reflection of your OWN values.  

Failing to identifying what your values are and how they affect your choices, inevitably leads to a feeling of wandering aimlessly and wasting time. You may still achieve material success (the house, the car, the job) and you may be able to put on a good show for others.  

But deep down you know something is off. Just ask yourself ... 

"What other possible reasons am I still struggling to really be truly happy?"  

You’ll discover the same answer, over and over. You’re not living in the authority of your true self. You’re just continuing to placate and pander to the ideals of something (possibly someone) else. Ideals and values that are NOT INTRINSICALLY YOURS.  

So how do you discern what your TRUE CORE VALUES really are?  

Praise for the bTrue™ Values Assessment...


"Through the bTrue™ Assessment, I’ve become more conscious of how my behavior reflects my values especially in times of stress. It raised my consciousness and helped me to clearly see how my life has been directed by my values and where I can make shifts." 

Constantine K.

The bTrue™ Method - Values Assessment & Debrief Process

Disrupt fear and doubt-based values to achieve True Happiness through Awareness, Alignment and Action

No one else knows what makes you who you are or how you think and feel. 

No one can dictate how you react and respond to the happiest moments or the saddest moments of your life. 

Your experiences are guideposts to help you discern fear from ego. They are not what creates your core values.  

When you align with an ideal based on fear from an experience, it becomes crucial to your decision making process, masking itself as a core value. It touts its credibility as truth because of how STRONGLY you feel about its importance.  

Your fears try to protect you but in reality they keep you sheltered from living the life you truly desire. 

The bTrue™ Method is a three-fold process that empowers you to break through the barriers of fear-based values, so you can freely and consciously create a life based on your most authentic core values.  

Step 1

Develop Awareness through the bTrue™ Values Assessment.

Developing a sense of awareness around your values unlocks opportunities you never realized were actually possible. 

Through the bTrue™ Assessment you will become acutely aware of the values that matter to you most and will begin to uncover if those values are founded in truth or if they developed out of fear or doubt. 

Becoming more aware of how your values developed to this point, and whether they are truth-based or fear-based, opens the door for you to consciously create space for transformational growth. 

As you uncover what truly motivates you, you'll begin to better understand how your perspective of the world colors your experience and the way you show up.

Step 2

Align Your Values Using the bTrue™ Debrief Process.

Following the results of your bTrue™ Assessment, you will schedule a personalized bTrue™ Values Debrief. 

This one-on-one debrief is a unique opportunity to dive deeply into your current values system so that you can better discern between the values that are serving you and the ones that are holding you back from unleashing your full potential. 

Using this newfound sense of heightened self-awareness, you'll begin to disalign from fear-based values and realign with those values that are rooted in truth, consciously empowering yourself to fearlessly create a life of your design and desire. Aligning with your true values sets you on a direct path towards your dreams.

Step 3

Take Action! Empower Yourself to Actively Live. 

Once your awareness muscle has been flexed regularly and you've begun to more consciously align with your values, you'll start to notice a pattern of the same values being important. You'll also begin to see how much harder it is to truly conquer those fear-based values as they continue to resurface in your everyday life.  

This is where the final step of the bTrue™ Method comes into play.  

Together, through one-on-one coaching sessions you will learn how to stand your ground against fear and self-doubt in your everyday life.  

Once you are clear on what your core values are, why not say “this is important to me”, own it, and leave it at that. 

One-on-one sessions help you to set a strong, confident foundation for empowered and continuous growth.  

Praise for the bTrue™ Values Method

Clarify Your Vision

"The bTrue™ Values Method was a wonderful deep dive into my values and an opportunity to truly think through each value again and again. These values come up for me in almost every decision I make now because of the clarity provided by the assessment." 

Susan J. Hilger

Happiness is created when you feel aware of, aligned with and empowered by your values. 

By taking this bTrue™ Authority Stance quiz, you will uncover your unique, personal formula that will identify where your value are disconnected and keeping you from experiencing your true joy and fulfillment.

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